Water Cooled HVAC

Water cooled HVAC systems utilize chilled water to transfer heat. These systems are primarily used in industrial facilities, large office buildings, shopping malls, apartment complexes, and hospitals. Most systems use cooling towers and are smaller than air cooled systems. The way they work is by utilizing cold water to cool hot refrigerant vapor. The cooling vapor condenses to a liquid form. The heat is transferred to the water surrounding the coil it is contained in.  Once it is in the liquid form it is pumped into an expansion device where even more heat is dissipated and it becomes very cold. Air is then pumped over the cold coils and into the designated area. The refrigerant in the coil absorbs heat and is transferred back into a compressor to be super-heated and the process cycles over again.



Longer Life Span

Higher Efficiency

Indoor Placement

Larger Tonnage Capabilities

Refrigeration Containment


Additional Maintenance Costs

Water Treatment & Costs

Mechanical Room Required