Air Cooled HVAC

Air cooled HVAC systems use the ambient air to cool refrigerant. These units do not require the use of a cooling tower or water circulation. They utilize fans to move air over the condenser coils. These types of units are the most common in single family homes and small businesses. In this type of HVAC system hot refrigerant is pumped into condenser coils from the compressor. A fan blows ambient air over the heated coils cooling the hot refrigerant vapor causing it to condense. This condensed refrigerant flows into an expansion pump that flash evaporates the fluid causing an abrupt drop in temperature. This super cooled refrigerant is then pumped into the coil. A fan then blows warm air needing to be cooled across the cold coil and into the designated vents for dispersal. The process then starts over again with the warmed refrigerant moving back to the compressor to start the cooling process over again.

Air Cooled HVAC



 Lower Install Cost

Less Maintenance

No Mechanical Room

No Cooling Tower

 No Condenser Pumps


Less Efficient

Shorter Life Span

More Operating Noise