Condenser Cooling

HVAC chillers vary in terms of condenser cooling method, cooling specifications and process pump specifications. There are several condenser cooling methods. Air-cooled devices use a fan to force air over the condenser coils. By contrast, water-cooled devices fill the condenser coils with circulating water. Remote air or slit systems locate the main part of the chiller in the application area and position the condenser remotely, usually outdoors. Cooling specifications for HVAC chillers include cooling capacity, fluid discharge temperature, and compressor motor horsepower. Typically, cooling capacity is measured in kilowatts or tons of refrigeration. Compressor motor horsepower is a nominal value. Process pump specifications include process flow, process pressure, and pump rating.




SA Series
Packaged Chillers
(integrated pump tank)
1.5Ton – 20Ton
Single / Dual Circuits
Single / Dual Pumps
SAE Series
Modular Chillers
(pump & tank on
separate skid)
1.5Ton – 200Ton
Single / Dual Circuits
SAR Series
Split Chillers
(Outdoor Condensing Unit)
(pump, tank, evaporator on
indoor skid)
1.5Ton – 200Ton
Single / Dual Circuits